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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint (PC) (UPLAY)

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The game is set on the fictional Pacific Ocean island of Auroa, which is a broadly open world environment, allowing the player a lot of freedom to roam, explore and quest the way they want to. The player takes on the character of Lieutenant Colonel Anthony ‘Nomad’ Perryman who is a special forces operative.

Perryman has been deployed to the island to investigate a series of disturbances that all seem to be connected to mysterious military contractor, Skell Technology. Play is mainly from a third-person perspective, with occasional jumps into the first person for dramatic effect and to make aiming weapons a lot easier. When Perryman finds that the main antagonist is a former Ghost himself, the stakes are raised and he knows he is in for the fight of his life.

This game makes it much harder for those players who like a quiet life and tend to hang around the fringes of the action, dodging battles and taking the long way around to avoid battles. Enemy AI has been improved so that opponents react to the player in a more organic fashion instead of the more tit-for-tat style: also, patrols regularly sweep through, ‘looking’ for the player and heightening the chance of sudden battles breaking out.

This does not mean that you cannot sometimes slip around obstacles: you can cut through fences and the camouflage options are almost miraculous!

Along with a stronger enemy presence – as well as the above, enemies are more numerous and have access to the same weapons and gear as the player, affording them the same advantages you get: protection from some attacks and so on.

There is a strong emphasis on survival in this game, and you must keep a close eye on your characters hunger levels, hydration and fatigue. There is also a hint of realism in your character’s recovery times from damage.

The regenerative health system means that small injuries vanish with the passage of a little time but more serious injuries will slow the character down, causing a limp and making it harder for the character to aim their weapon properly

  • The island setting is ideal: Auroa is part of an archipelago, which allows the developers to add in islands as they like, tweaking the maps as they go. Additional content and expansion packs can be added in an almost unlimited fashion this way
  • If you are stealthily creeping around an enemy stronghold, you can silently kill guards and then carry their bodies away, hiding them so their comrades will not discover your presence until you are ready for them to do so
  • The island setting is no handicap to introducing different types of terrain: the island is home to a series of biomes, each featuring a different kind of landscape from desert to snowy wastes and everything in between
  • You can play three ways: solo player with three AI companions, co-op mode with three real life buddies, or online with or against various strangers. New multiplayer options are introduced periodically, so do keep your eyes peeled for the next announcement

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