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GreedFall (PC) (STEAM)

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  • In this game, an island has been found that is untouched by the Malichor plague. Teer Fradee as the island is known, is a haven teeming with wildlife, fresh clean landscapes and bursting with plants – all of which might hold the secret to a cure for the plague.

    The island is also bursting with magic, and the player must try and establish a settlement on the island, learning the ways of magic and feuding or aiding your fellow settlers, treasure hunters and mercenaries as you work your way through the game.

    There are no mod-cons in this seventeenth century world, no electricity, no central heating, no motorised vehicles. What you do have is communities, fantastical creatures, hidden places packed with useful and interesting resources, and locals who know how to use the magic. Perhaps, if you befriend them, they will teach you some of their tricks!

    There are no formal classes or skill-trees to divide you. Every player can learn every skill if they want to, working your way up every skill, or picking and choosing only those skills that you think will benefit your character.

    The game is very much open plan, allowing you to go where you will, exploring all areas of the island, talking to the natives and following your own path as you desire. There are hundreds of skills to choose from and thousands of combinations of weapons so you can be sure that your gaming experience will be pretty unique compared to anyone else’s.

    This freedom extends into building your character too. You have hundreds of choices with which to customise your character, starting with gender, and moving on to hair and eye colour, size and shape and very much more besides.

    The graphics are beautiful, both photographic in the accuracy of their depictions and artistic in their style, almost like sumptuous paintings against which characters perform their actions, freakish creatures reveal themselves to you, and the background invites you ever onward, to explore more and more: what lies in that cave, over this mountain, or around that corner? Only you can get the answer by grabbing your equipment and setting off!

    As you move over the map – in your own order – you will be given missions and quests which can be solved in three different ways:

  • Combat: A clean honest fight, battling your way to your destination, besting the opposition and fairly winning your reward for your efforts
  • Diplomacy: Bargaining and chit-chat can get you a long way on this island. Use tact and gentle manipulation to get your way without needing to fight or battle with anyone
  • Deception: Sneakiness comes into play here as you work your way to achieve your goals by lying, sneaking and cheating as best you can. Bear in mind though, getting caught in your deception may cause unwanted reactions from those you are deceiving!

  • Just bear in mind: the island is responsive to your actions, and what you do and even the way in which you do it can cause the island to evolve in unusual and sometimes unexpected ways!

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