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As with other similar sports simulation games, there are various options available to the players. You can choose to play as one of the many real life players loaded into the game, ready to go with all their real life statistics and position preferences all filled in, or you can opt to build your own player, fleshing them out from a bare bones blank and giving them plenty of character, personality and a whole lot of ball-handling skill!

This incarnation of the game offers all the features that players have come to expect from high-end officially recognised simulation games, with superb, realistic graphics that could pass as video footage, gameplay that is smooth and flowing, alongside 3D scans and motion capture of real player’s movements and signature gestures to add authentic moves and quirks to the game. 

For the first time, the WNBA is represented in the game, and the inclusion is wide and profound. There are twelve world-class teams – all based on real life teams – with player’s hairstyles and faces accurately captured in the studios. But this diversity is not simply cosmetic: there are detailed playbooks and screeds of defensive tactics for each team, all based on real life coaching work and team play.

As always, there are plenty of microtransactions for the impatient to get to the top of the training and playing pool as fast as possible, but you can achieve exactly the same results by grinding away and earning the items you need or want instead, so there is no risk of play or winning becoming divided into ‘winners who can pay for victory’ and ‘losers who cannot or will not pay’. Grind your way to the top and know you have earned your victory!

This game features more of an open world than is usually experienced, so your characters can get out of the court and do some wider exploring, seeing what they can find and use, and enjoying some downtime in which they are not either playing or training.

The graphics and game coding has been tweaked so that ball handling and defensive plays are smoother, while are rewards richer. The AI has been upgraded to provide a more realistic interplay between player and computer.

This game features three versions rather than the usual two. 

  • Anthony Davis of the Lakers features on the standard version of the game, which offers a comprehensive stable of players, access to the courts and the open world. Any achievements must be earned or paid for

  • Anthony Davis also features on the Deluxe version which offers the same benefits of the standard game, with some in-game currency, a certain number of training points, and a clothing capsule, along with a bunch of other goodies that will see you get freebies sent to you each week

  • The Legends version is graced by Dwayne Wade. This pack gives you a lot of in-game currency, training packs, clothing and designer shoe capsules, an apparel collection and a positive wealth of weekly rewards, designed to help you make your team into the best that they can.

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