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Blood Bowl 2 (PC) (STEAM)

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PlatformaPC - STEAM
Prekės TipasŽaidimo Aktyvavimo Kodas
PristatymasElektroninių Paštu
Regiono PrieigaPasaulinė
KalbosVokiečių, Anglų, Lenkų, Rusų, Prancūzų, Italų, Ispanų,

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Blood Bowl 2, the sequel to the video game adaptation of Games Workshop's famous board game that combines American football with a fantasy universe inspired by Warhammer, today unveiled its very first official screenshots!

The first playable team, fully modelled and animated, has just made an appearance on the pitch of the Blood Bowl 2 stadium. As you can see, the human players have the honour of entering the pitch first and will also be the stars of the massive solo campaign in Blood Bowl 2 as you lead the legendary Reikland Reavers and experience an epic saga packed with risk, dangers and spectacular matches on the way to winning the Blood Bowl.


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Blood Bowl 2 (PC) (STEAM)

Blood Bowl 2 (PC) (STEAM)